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Gamesome 2.0 release is imminent. What should you expect?

Hi everyone! This blog hasn’t received any significative update for about six months, since when Gamesome 2.0 beta was announced and released to the public. In these days, Gamesome will become stable enough to be publicly released for everyone. There’s just some final polishing to do, but no open issues. Gamesome 2.0 has been rewritten

Marshmallow and 1.12 b63

As many of you have noticed, Marshmallow has finally arrived to the Shield TV and Tablet! This means that you have now access to very nice features, such as adoptable storage. This also means that you have now a better way to grant/revoke permissions (e.g. network or camera usage permissions) to your apps. Finally, this

Gamesome 2.0 Public Beta

Making a complete documentation is just too long at the moment, the bare instructions that I previously prepared and the instructions provided here will do for now 🙂 Getting the APK In order to be able to download the beta version of Gamesome, you’ll have to subscribe to the dedicated Google+ Community, once you’re in,

Gamesome 2.0 status

First of all, even if I’m late, happy holidays to all of you! I wanted to release Gamesome beta on Christmas, but I had to pause Gamesome development because of a task at university which couldn’t be postponed, but today I’ve something really close to a public beta version! Emulators seem to work fine, I

Gamesome 2.0 development has started

After my statement on Twitter, I’m finally officially announcing Gamesome 2.0. I’ve decided to completely rewrite the whole app from scratch. I did it for several reasons, but mainly because a huge rewriting of the app is needed in order to support more “evolved” features. The app will be lighter, faster, better looking and highly

Gamesome minor update 1.12

Hello, a newer version of Gamesome has just been uploaded on the Play Store and will be available within a few hours. It’s just a minor update and this is the changelog: License check only the first runs, a persistent connection is not needed anymore If you’re having any troubles, don’t hesitate sending an email!

Gamesome minor update 1.11

Hello, a newer version of Gamesome has just been uploaded on the Play Store and will be available within a few hours. It’s just a minor update and this is the changelog: – Added “My Old Boy!” and “My Old Boy! Free” emulators – Fixed SuperGNES/Superretro compatibility – Minor fixes

Gamesome 1.10 on Play Store

The next update of Gamesome has finally been uploaded on the Play Store and it will propagate within the next hours! The Changelog Full version history here: – Solved some issues with PSX disk images detection (experimental) – New in-app purchases system, report issues – New crash report system – Material Design – Added

5 new features that you’ll get in Gamesome 1.10

Today is a special day for Gamesome, it’s been one year since I uploaded the first public version of Gamesome on the Play Store and it’s been amazing! I’ve been in contact with lots of users, developers and even companies. I’m so glad that my project has grown this much in just one year and

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